Handyman Division


Handyman Division Manager: Mike Byrnes

Improvements, Repairs & Maintenance

Are you someone who keeps putting off a small building project because it’s beyond something you think you can do yourself, yet you’re afraid a professional contractor wouldn’t touch it? If so, Maine Coast Construction’s Handyman Division is for you.

Every year, our Handyman Team performs hundreds of carpentry, painting and other jobs for home and business owners. Whatever you can think of, we can handle: performing energy evaluations and audits, replacing rotted sills, installing windows and doors, fixing roofs, repairing drywall, upgrading cellar bulkheads, securing stairways, building mail boxes, shoring up barns, plugging leaks, mounting power mains, restoring tile, washing decks, etc. If you are concerned about your air, we can install a low-cost radon mitigation system to keep you safe.

As in all areas of our company, clear communication is vital to the Handyman Division’s success. We prepare a detailed work order to review with every customer before a contract is signed. The men on your job will not only be top professional craftsmen, but also good listeners. They will give every task their full attention, while respecting your need for privacy.

Our Handyman customers often express surprise at how affordable their projects were and how smoothly they went. See what they have to say.