Handyman Trivia

First, I want to congratulate our facebook fans for their excellent (and correct) answers to last week’s quiz question “what is the definition of fenestration in the context of construction?” For those who are curious, the answers were:

“That’s an easy one! It means “window”, although I believe the Greek derivation means “opening”.- M.S.

“From the latin word fenestra (plural fenestrae) and means window. Medically/physiologically it is used regularly to define openings in tissues. Fenestration, however………typical mutilation in english: translated literally…..performing the act of window. Nice.” – M.D.

This week we have a trivia question:

Why is it common to paint a porch soffit (ceiling) blue?

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Home with covered porch built by Maine Coast Construction

Why should this homeowner consider painting their porch soffit blue?

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