Jackson Memorial Library Renovations Update

The long and difficult task of excavating a pit for the elevator at the new Jackson Memorial Library has finally come to a conclusion. It was necessary to remove up to two and a half feet of solid granite ledge from the basement in order to accommodate the required four feet of clearance in the pit. To complicate things further, there was a spring flowing into the pit which needed to be constantly pumped out; this required the installation of special fencing and a filter bed to prevent silt from contaminating the marsh behind the library building.

We at Maine Coast Construction would like to single out our excavation subcontractor for special thanks and consideration. Bruce Colson and his crew at Colson’s Excavation spent the better part of five weeks engaged in backbreaking work in damp, dirty conditions to make the installation of this elevator possible. His determination, dedication and perseverance in completing this task is deeply appreciated.

The following photos chronicle the process from the point at which ledge was encountered through the removal of stone from the pit to the finished elevator foundation.  A number of techniques were employed to break off chunks of rock that ranged from the size of a coffee cup to some as large as twelve by twelve by eighteen inches. To begin, a series of holes were drilled using a pneumatic drill. Into these a mixture of Betonamit (an expanding grout) and water was poured to crack the stone. This was met with varying degrees of success depending on the ability to keep the holes free of water. Most of the work, though, was completed with jackhammer and wedges ( a great many of which shattered on the densest parts of the ledge), and a great deal of sweat and BenGay deep heating rub.


The elevator pit has been completed and back filled and we are ready to begin framing the elevator shaft up through the building with the actual elevator scheduled to be installed beginning April 5.

Starting in the fall of 2012, Maine Coast Construction has been renovating the former Grace Youth Center in Tenants Harbor to be St. George’s new library. The building is only five-years-old and is over 9,000 square feet situated on 8 acres of land. It is located right next to the St. George School at 71 Main Street.

Maine Coast Construction has been custom-building, renovating and restoring fine homes and commercial buildings in Mid-Coast Maine since 1968.  For updates on Maine Coast Construction’s latest projects in the Mid Coast, please visit www.mainecoastconstruction.com

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