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On budget, on time, and out of the way
“We at Moss have contracted with Maine Coast Construction for three major projects, including a 65×100-foot addition that measures a full 40 feet from floor to ceiling. You may depend on MCC to do the job right, to finish it on time, and to bring it in on budget. In particular, I am impressed with MCC’s understanding of the importance of communication. The senior managers met with us weekly to keep us apprised of progress and problems, to set out clearly what our options were, and to field our questions. Also highly important to us was MCC’s ability to accomplish its work without much disrupting the routine here. We must be able to manufacture and ship our products to meet our customers’ needs, and I was amazed at how well the Maine Coast people were able to work around our crew without significantly getting in the way.”
– Marilyn Moss, Moss Inc

What could have been a nightmare
“There was a great deal of anxiety on the part of many, including myself, that the Owls Head School project could turn into a real nightmare without thoughtful planning. The fact that the roof replacement went extremely well is a tribute to your good planning and a conscientious and harmonious effort on the part of your entire crew. Your men worked together as a team, not as individuals merely trying to get through the day. It was obvious to me that they took a lot of pride in their work. In this day of cutting corners, it was refreshing for me to sense that your first priority was to do a good job.”
– Pete Lincoln, Lincoln/Hanley Engineering

Neither wind, nor rain nor snow
“The addition/renovation to our dealership was awarded to your company with the faith that you could take the project from a non-architectural draft to the finished product that we envisioned. Despite the cold, wind, rain, and snow and about anything else Old Man Winter could dish out, the project was completed as close to deadline as possible and with the attention to detail, in all aspects, that a fine cabinetmaker employs. No corners were cut, but just the opposite, as your company took pride in the quality of your work, and carried it down to the simplest tasks throughout the project. Our customers’ comments and our employees’ renewed pride in our business are great testimony to your accomplishments here at Dutch. Without going on and on, just let me say THANKS!”
– Greg Dutch, Dutch Chevrolet