Residential Reviews

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Trust & Integrity
“The level of attention and accommodation to a million details and requests was carried out with supreme courtesy and patience by everyone on your team. Thank you for giving your customer an absolute feeling of trust and integrity in your company.”
– Gilda Joffe

While I was away
“After leaving you with a set of plans and very brief specifications last fall, I returned to Florida with your contract for construction to build my summer home in Owl’s Head. Upon my return in late May, I was pleased to find my new home completed exactly as I had drawn the plans. Moreover, the finish carpentry, custom cabinets and materials in general are excellent.”
– Carl Stoye

Communication & Honesty
“I cannot tell you what an anxiety-ridden process it is to contract for work from afar. We would never have done it were it not for the consistent excellence in communication and honesty you have shown through every step. You have carried out our wishes perfectly while always staying under budget.”
– Cindy Young

Whole & Beautiful
“I’d like to thank all of you for the fine job you did on the restoration of the Old Granite Inn after the accident. It is not every day someone runs into your house with a truck, and under the circumstances, I was very upset. You were there to help cool me down. I feel like you all knew how much this house means to me and treated it with special care. There have been a lot of people by to see the restoration, and they can’t see that anything is different. What a compliment! So many times new work looks so different it stands out. The Inn is whole and beautiful again.”
– Stephanie Clapp

The Architect was Speechless
“The construction technicians you assigned to build our addition were outstanding professionals. They were considerate of my personal privacy, were always appropriate in appearance and conduct, were responsive to my questions and direction, made additional effort to assure my safety during construction, kept to the time schedule, and appeared to minimize waste of materials for all phases of construction. In addition, their knowledge of all aspects of construction was outstanding. When the architect came to inspect the work, he was speechless. Many of the details not shown on the blueprints had been correctly and professionally completed, providing not only additional function, but adding greatly to the overall charm of the final appearance. As a third-generation architect with over sixty years of experience with contractors both good and bad, he was notably impressed.”
– N.D. Plunkett