The Big Green

Lyman Morse Green

Lyman Morse Green

This amazing building, our sixth for premier boat builder and environmental leader Lyman Morse, was the only marine project inducted into the VP Hall of Fame in 2008. The national award honors steel structures that represent the state of the art in quality and innovation.

Working closely with the client, starting in 2006, we designed and then constructed the spacious structure (140’x160’x55′) to accommodate large catamarans, powerboats and sailboats. When the 94-foot Electra was rolled inside at the end of the year, it took up barely half of one of the two huge bays.

Even more remarkable than the building’s size is its energy efficiency. A Dawn passive solar roof system featuring 22,000 feet of tubing collects heat from the sun and transfers it to the radiant concrete floor and retaining walls. The steel components of the building were custom-fabricated by Varco/Pruden, and the walls are sheathed with super-insulated structural integrated panels and sided with cedar shingles. From late spring well into fall, the building is heated only by the sun. Even though supplemental propane boilers and heaters kick in during the winter, the “Big Green” still uses less fuel than one of LymanMorse’s conventional buildings that’s only one-third the size.

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