Word of the Week Quiz Answer: Stringer

Last week I asked for the definition of a stringer in reference to building. We had some creative answers (neither of which were correct, but fun to read!):

“Stringer= the tool used to hold fish caught by a construction worker when they should otherwise be constructive.”  M.D.

“..a guy who walks back and forth in font of the company, saying: wanna build a home?- to passers -by.” I.V.

A stringer is the wood that acts as the support in various structures including walls, floors and stairs.  In the case of floors, the stringers are the boards that make up the structure under the floor boards.

The stringer for steps are cut into the shape of stairs.  There are 2, sometimes 3, stringers supporting a set of steps.  When you look at steps from the side, you can see the stringer.

The illustration is a doodle a stair stringer.


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